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ICEAM New York

ICEAM ® New York is the youngest ICEAM branch, and the Institute’s first foray to the US East Coast. It is managed by Collin Campbell, MSTOM, LAc, DCCM, FICEAM. All seminars in the Northeastern United States are organized by this branch, and are recognized as Continuing Education Units (CEU) by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM).

Courses in New York are commonly held at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine campus: http://explore.pacificcollege.edu/locations_newyork.php


Diplomate of Canonical Chinese Medicine (DCCM) – North America, April 2022- January 2024

Transmitting the Full Potential of East Asian Medicine

For over a decade, ICEAM has offered one of the most complete & systematic training programs available to practitioners outside of China. The DCCM program provides clinicians with the rare opportunity to transform their practice by accessing the classics, or canons, that form the foundation of East Asian medicine. Our graduates go on to become outstanding practitioners and renown herbalists united by their passion for clinical excellence and trust in the foundational principles of the Shang Han Za Bing Lun.
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“One of the best decisions of my life…This is a system. You learn the system, you learn the pulses, and you will be an amazing herbalist.

You’ll be able to help anyone who walks through your door.”

-Ginger Michels, LAc, A Touch of Ginger

Why this Program?

East Asian Medicine is exploding in popularity in the West, and yet many practitioners struggle to build busy practices and consistently affect profound change for their patients. Why?

The current model of training is academically rich but inconsistent in clinical application. It is wide but not deep. Many practitioners are bogged down by a lack of structure in their approach and the amorphous nature of their TCM education. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

What if you were able to think on your feet, prescribing quickly and with confidence? What if you no longer felt overwhelmed with complex cases, and became the kind of herbalist other health providers referred to? What if you could get the kind of intensive training and support that was once only available through traditional discipleship in a lineage-based system? What if the great Han dynasty classics, far from being obsolete as some claim, could actually form the foundation of a busy modern practice?

The DCCM program was developed to meet to this urgent opportunity to revive the full potential and efficacy of East Asian medicine by reconnecting to its roots.

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Welcome to the Tian Lineage System…

  • The Tian Lineage® pulse – finally! a clear and simple pulse style that quickly leads you to the required formula with precision.
  • Modular formula system – maintain a full canonical pharmacy of just 60 herbs when you know how to properly dose and combine Shang Han Lun formulas.
  • Complex cases – problem solve without overwhelm using the 5 element & 6 conformation models of pathology and physiology as outlined in the classics.
  • Modifying with ease – use the clear rules of pathophysiology and modular formulas to customize throughout the course of treatment.
  • What to do when things go wrong – adjust course with confidence and learn quickly from what isn’t working.
  • A network of support – when you’re stuck, the ICEAM family provides support and feedback you can’t get anywhere else.

Dr. Tian Heming
Zeng Rongxiu , MD

“I feel much more confident now. I am frequently brought complex and challenging cases and am very grateful to have a full schedule with a waitlist..”

-Dr. Andrea Hansen, DCM, Wildroots
Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Clinic

How Does it Work?

This training It is delivered in a series of 17 live weekend seminars over the course of 2.5 years with a special emphasis on the Shang Han Lun and the Jingui Yaolue. No clinical specialty is left unaddressed, and the successful participant will be able to master the true classical practice of Chinese medicine for greater applicability and efficacy in modern clinical settings. 13 weekends will be taught online, while 4 practicum weekends (pulse & abdominal diagnosis) will be held in person in New Orleans, Chicago, and Atlanta.

The program is organized into three modules:

  • Module I: Canonical Foundations (5 seminars)
  • Module II: The Shanghan Lun (6 seminars)
  • Module III: The Jingui Yaolue (6 seminars)

Additionally, students will be allowed access to the ICEAM virtual community where case studies are discussed and senior practitioners respond frequently to questions.

A final exam for each seminar must be passed in order to graduate. Successful graduates will be certified by ICEAM as Diplomates in Canonical Chinese Medicine. Diplomates are eligible to enter into the Clinical Fellowship program (FICEAM®) and/or begin taking Advanced Training Seminars.

NCCAOM CEUs awarded.

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Who is this Program For?

Clinicians Looking for Answers

You have a strong sense of how powerful Chinese medicine could be and you’ve had some great wins with patients, but you don’t know how to get consistent results. You’d like to be the kind of practitioner who confidently sends each patient home with a great custom formula. Instead, you often spend hours pouring through books and online forums researching complicated cases just to fall back on a patent remedy. You’ve grown weary of feeling like you’re constantly flailing or don’t have adequate guidance. Maybe you’ve even given up on herbs all together and turned to Western supplements. You’ve tried taking some helpful courses here and there, but mixing and matching systems still leaves you confused. You’re a passionate, committed clinician who could help many more patients if you just had a clear system that got results and gave you confidence.

Ambitious Students

Like many of our diplomates (including Collin himself), you have a sense even in school that your TCM education is just the beginning of your learning journey. You aspire to a busy, meaningful career and want the structure, support, and teachings that will make that possible. Maybe you have a Classically trained supervisor in clinic who just seems more effective and busier than the rest. Maybe you’ve taken a class on the Classics that peaked your interest in where Chinese medicine all began. Or maybe you’re just not getting all the answers you’d hoped for in school. Either way, you’re willing to invest time and energy for the ability to quickly effect positive change for your patients.

Aspiring Practitioners

You study/practice massage, ayurveda, folk herbalism, or other traditional therapies. The philosophy and diagnostic clarity of Chinese medicine has either peaked your interest or actually changed your life and you want to go deeper. You might not practice Chinese medicine, but you see how learning a complete system of diagnosis, physiology, and prescription from the ground up could radically expand your studies, your practice, and your ability to case for those around you.

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Meet your instructors…

Arnaud Versluys, PHD, MD, LAc, Founder of ICEAM

Dr. Versluys is one of the very few Westerners to have received his full medical training in China. He spent a total of twelve years at the Chinese medical universities of Wuhan, Beijing and Chengdu, where he pursued his BA, MAand PHD degrees in Chinese medicine. In 1999, Dr. Versluys met his ultimately lifelong teacher, Dr. Zeng Rongxiu 曾榮修, under whom he trained in traditional Shanghan Lun discipleship for 13 years. This consolidated and strengthened his passion for the Han-dynasty canonical style of Chinese herbal medicine as presented in the Shanghan Lun and Jingui Yaolue, and as practiced in the Tian Lineage.

It continues to be Dr. Versluys’ life work to discover and reconstruct the clinical practice and theoretical underpinnings of the Tian family style of Canonical Formulas.

Collin Campbell, MSTOM, DCCM, FICEAM, LAc, Lead Instructor

Collin is the Director of ICEAM New York and spearheads the North America DCCM Program. He received his Masters in Oriental Medicine from PCOM Chicago in 2011. While there he completed a further 2700 hours of extracurricular clinical training under the tutelage of senior professors. He was a senior intern in the Chicago Veteran’s clinic, and co-founded the oncology clinic at KMF Acupuncture.

Collin was the first non-instructor Diplomate of the Institute of Classics in East Asian Medicine to be awarded his clinical fellowship. He is an instructor, trained at Chicago ICEAM under the guidance of its director Stephen Bonzak, and is the lead instructor at New York ICEAM.

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Stephen Bonzak, MS, DCCM, FICEAM, LAc, Lead Instructor

Founder and director of Health Traditions Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine Clinic, Chair of the Oriental Medicine Department at PCOM Chicago, & Director of ICEAM Chicago. Mr. Bonzak has trained under Dr. Arnaud Versluys since late 2008 and completed his DCCM in 2011. During those years he was fortunate to meet and attend seminars with Dr. Zeng Rongxiu on a number of occasions. Mr. Bonzak teaches both domestically and internationally alongside Dr. Versluys as a co-instructor. He was one of the first practitioners to become clinically certified as a Fellow of the Institute of Classics in East Asian Medicine, and is one of only two Clinical Supervisors currently approved by Dr. Versluys.

“I’ll never forget what it felt like to find what I was looking for and to actually begin and be in awe of the medicine.”

-Seneca Rae Vaugh, NCCAOM Candidate

ICEAM North America 2022-2024 Dates

Module I: Canonical Foundations

  • The Nineteen Lines on Pathology (Online – instructed by Steven Bonzak) – April 30th and May 1st, 2022
  • The Energetics of the Five Flavors and Canonical Formulas (Online / Collin Campbell) – May 28th and 29th, 2022
  • The Herb and Formula Archetypes: The Inner Circle (Online / Steven Bonzak) – June 25th and 26th, 2022
  • The Herb and Formula Archetypes: The Outer Circle 1 (Online / Collin Campbell) – July 30th and 31st, 2022
  • The Herb and Formula Archetypes: The Outer Circle 2 (Online / Collin Campbell) – August 27th and 28th, 2022

Module II: Shang Han Lun

  • SHL Pathophysiology and Basic Patterns (Online / Steven Bonzak) – October 1st and 2nd, 2022
  • SHL Pulse Diagnosis (LIVE in New Orleans / Arnaud Versluys) – November 5th and 6th, 2022
  • SHL Abdominal Diagnosis Fukushin (LIVE in Atlanta / David Toone) – December 10th and 11th, 2022
  • SHL Formula Families (Online / Collin Campbell) – February 18th and 19th, 2023
  • SHL Formula Modifications (Online / Collin Campbell) – April 1st and 2nd, 2023
  • SHL Case Studies and Clinical Strategies (Online / Steven Bonzak) – May 20th and 21st, 2023

Module III: Jingui Yaolue

  • JG Diseases 1 (Online / Collin Campbell) – June 24th and 25th, 2023
  • JG Diseases 2 (Online / Steven Bonzak) – July 29th and 30th, 2023
  • JG Diseases 3 (Online / Collin Campbell) – September 2nd and 3rd, 2023
  • JG Pulse Diagnosis (LIVE in Chicago / Steven Bonzak) – October 21st and 22nd, 2023
  • JG Abdominal Diagnosis (LIVE in Atlanta / David Toone) – December 2nd and 3rd, 2023
  • JG Case Studies and Clinical Strategies (Online / Steven Bonzak) – January 13th and 14th, 2024


FULL DIPLOMATE SERIES PACKAGE (April 2022 – January 2024)

Price: $8,746
Early Bird: $7,433
ICEAM Diplomate: $6,997

Purchase by March 30th 2022 for early bird pricing

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MODULE I ONLY: Canonical Foundations (April – August 2022)

Price: $2,795
Early Bird: $2,413
ICEAM Diplomate: $2,236

Purchase by March 30th 2022 for early bird pricing

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MODULE II ONLY: Shang Han Lun (October 2022 – May 2023)

Price: $3,355
Early Bird: $2,895
ICEAM Diplomate: $2,684

Purchase by September 1st 2022 for early bird pricing

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MODULE III ONLY: Jingui Yaolue (June 2023 – January 2024)

Price: $3,355
Early Bird: $2,895
ICEAM Diplomate: $2,684

Purchase by May 24th 2023 for early bird pricing

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Cancellation policy: Cancel more than 90 days before start of seminar: 100% refund minus $250 administrative fee; Cancel more than 45 days before start of seminar: 50% refund; Cancel less than 30 days before seminar: no refund.


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