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ICEAM New Orleans

For years, scenic New Orleans has been the location of choice for ICEAM’s Diplomate-only Advanced Seminars. But as of November 2019, New Orleans ICEAM has assumed the role of ICEAM headquarters with the permanent move by Dr. Arnaud Versluys from Portland, OR, to New Orleans, LA.

New Orleans continues to be the venue for Advanced Seminars, as well as it is the designated clinical training spot for Fellows, Supervisors or Instructors. Furthermore, New Orleans ICEAM hosts the ongoing Canonical Salon webinars, with Dr. Versluys.

We’re excited to announce that the New Orleans branch will begin hosting a monthly webinar series starting on 4/10/2021! Click the button for details.

Details & Registration

To contact the New Orleans branch, please email Dr. Versluys directly at aversluys@iceam.org.

Due to continued travel restrictions imposed on Australians traveling to the US, we are yet again forced to postpone the Wuyun Liuqi seminar with Tyler Rowe and Arnaud Versluys. The new dates are moved to April 2-6, 2022, right before the 2022 French Quarter Fest (and coinciding with Arnaud’s birthday). If you wish to stay registered, you do not need to do anything. If you wish to cancel your attendance and process your refund, please email Arnaud at aversluys@iceam.org.


November 2022

New Orleans – Tian-Lineage Shanghan Lun Pulse Diagnosis

November 5 - November 6
ICEAM New Orleans, Audubon Nature Institute, 6500 Magazine St
New Orleans, LA 70118 United States
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The Treatise on Cold Damage shanghan lun is the oldest surviving clinical handbook in the history of Chinese medicine. Written by Eastern Han dynasty (circa 200 CE) imperial envoy Zhang Zhongjing, it is an integral part of his collective writings once labeled the Treatise on Cold Damage and Complex Diseases shanghan zabing lun. But the contents of the Shanghan Lun as we know it in current day is far from complete. The present versions studied in Chinese medical schools as well as in the West, do not include the original first three chapters of Rules for Pulse Differentiation bianmai fa, Rules on Pulse Assessment pingmai fa and Cold Damage Outline shanghan li. Regardless whatever motivation was behind the historical deletions of these passages, of the aforementioned chapters, the chapters on pulse instructions are crucial for anyone desiring to fully grasp Zhang Zhongjing’s clinical instructions. Especially since the pulse patterns maizheng form the core diagnostic parameters in the establishment of the formula patterns fangzheng by which the canonical clinician categorizes disease and therapy. Note regarding the Shanghan Lun and Jingui Yaolue Pulse Seminars: due to the proprietary and complex nature of these seminars, they cannot be registered for individually and can…

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