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ICEAM Brisbane

Brisbane ICEAM is also managed by Jean-Paul Staats, director of Sydney ICEAM, and functions mostly as a clinical training spot. Mr. Staats is an ICEAM Instructor, Clinical Fellow and Clinical Supervisor and hosts clinical training opportunities with both himself as well as with other instructors.

Brisbane ICEAM has also been responsible for the organization of an ongoing webinar series with London ICEAM instructor Laurie Ayres. For more information, please email the director at jpstaats@sydney.iceam.org


September 2022

The Pathophysiology of the San Jiao, Shao Yang and Ministerial Fire Disease in the Shang Han Za Bing Lun

September 2 - September 4
ICEAM Brisbane, 138 Hamilton Rd
Wavell Heights, Queensland 4012 Australia

(this course is a Webinar and will be conducted online) As the pathway through which ministerial fire and fluids circulate throughout the body the san jiao is the essential link between all aspects of function in human physiology, and as such it is involved to varying degrees in most pathologies one will encounter in clinic. This course involves an in-depth exploration of the physiology, pathology and treatment of the san jiao, the shao yang conformation, and ministerial fire pathologies, enabling one to better understand and treat pathologies of this vital aspect of human physiology. An understanding of san jiao physiology and the treatment of shao yang disease is especially important in addressing patients with chronic diseases, long term viral or bacterial conditions, patients who seem to need warming treatments but don’t respond positively to warm herbs, & those patients where one can’t seem to clear the excess to progress to a stage where you can effectively treat their deficiencies. Dates: Friday 2nd - Sunday 4th September 2022 4pm-8.30pm Brisbane Australia time Prices: AUD$660 (early bird discount - ends August 12th, 2022) AUD$880 .tribe-events-meta-group.tribe-events-meta-group-venue { display: none }

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October 2022

The Classical Approach to Supporting Patients Suffering with Cancer

October 28 - October 30
ICEAM Brisbane, 138 Hamilton Rd
Wavell Heights, Queensland 4012 Australia

1pm – 5:30pm New Orleans time (similar to the Salons) Instructor: Laurie Ayres Note: This is a LIVE AND INTERACTIVE  VIRTUAL EVENT and will be held online via “Zoom” The aim of this lecture is to help the participant better use their Chinese medical knowledge to assist in the of support patients suffering with various forms of cancer. To form an effective integrative approach to support or treat patients with any disease we must first understand our system to the greatest possible degree, so the highest level of understanding and practice can form part of that integration. As such, this lecture will focus purely on the classical Chinese medical practice of the Tian lineage style of Shang Han Za Bing Lun (Shang Han Lun & Jin Gui Yao Lue) practice. It will include a thorough exploration of the classical understanding of numerous forms of cancer and the processes behind them. We will also study a wide range of common clinical presentations for a number of cancers that are frequently encountered. This theoretical understanding will then be used to show how we can best help support individual patients suffering with cancer, and how this can effectively be achieved alongside other treatments.…

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