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      Interesting chief complaint: she can’t handle alcohol. She has 2 drinks and gets sick. She doesn’t abuse alcohol, and quite the contrary. She can’t drink at all. I’m going to do CHGZGJT + GZRST. I just think it’s funny. Usually we get the other end of the spectrum: I can’t stop drinking or I have a drinking problem. She’s a chef and kinda needs to to entertain or do pairings.

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      Interesting…Was there any roll up pulses? Are you going off a dong 1/2? Or R Guan Dong on position? And was the L cun sup weak ? Any slipperiness to L Cun?

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      Thanks Tim… I don’t make my own formulas, so will look to having this made up. I thought you needed hypochondriac symptoms for SNS? Forgot to mention that his is reddish with a dry slightly yellow coat

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      Just standard CHGZGJT pulse. Dong 1-2 on the left.

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      Christoph Ludwig Beer

      Could also be a dry stomach, and maybe that’s after the CHGZGJT.

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