Advanced Training: Sequence 3

After successful completion of the DCCM® training, Diplomates can choose to pursue advanced studies to further and deepen their knowledge of canonical Chinese medicine in general and the Tian-lineage® medicine in particular.

The Advanced Sequence of seminars is the third and final step in the development of a student’s theoretical and academic understanding of Canonical Chinese Medicine. The senior-most instructor of ICEAM®, on an annual basis, will offer one Advanced Seminar on cutting-edge research performed by him personally, or lecture on subject matter previously unavailable in the West. Advanced Seminars may also feature guest speakers, such as, for example, other Tian lineage holders.Only fully graduated Diplomates are allowed to attend annual Advanced Seminars, and/or sign up to watch the videos of Advanced Seminars of previous years online. Advanced Training Sequence seminars are hosted in cities worldwide on a rotating basis.


Advanced Courses

Canonical Formula Equivalencies and Dr. Tian Heming’s Practice of the Perfect Conclusion

The concept of Formula Equivalency means that two formulas can treat the same clinical presentation but with different ingredients and through a different angle of approach. For this seminar, Dr. Versluys has organized all the equivalent formulas of Zhang Zhongjing along the classifications of Interior-Exterior, Hot-Cold, Excess-Deficient, Functional-Material, and Qi-Water-Blood. The study of such organization will shed new light on previously known formulas and solve clinical problems when a certain formula is not producing the expected results in clinic.

The Pathophysiology of the Small Intestine

Both in Western physiology as well as in Chinese medicine, the small intestine is a very important organ fulfilling indispensable physiological functions. As such it becomes undeniably pressing to revisit said organ to discover more about its significance as a member of the court of twelve organ officials of classical times. Actually, the small intestine is the most important organ in the body, second to the Heart. Both organs belong to the Imperial Fire of the South, but the Heart is considered inaccessible and off-limits to direct treatment. As such, the Small Intestine becomes the most important organ to treatment in pathologies pertaining to the governance of blood and the supply of fire in the body.

Dr. Zeng Rongxiu Case Studies

The late Dr. Zeng Rongxiu was one of the great Shanghan Lun masters of the Sichuan region in China. He was the last surviving disciple of grandmaster Tian Heming who was clinically active in West Chengdu for 70+ years. This seminar will present a handpicked selection of successful case studies from Dr. Zeng’s 40+ years in clinical practice. The cases selected are NOT standard formula applications and represent Dr. Zeng’s uncanny ability to think outside the box and apply a high level of clinical creativity.

The Pathologies and Formulas of the Decoction Classic Tangye Jing

The Decoction Classic or Tangye Jing is the ancestral book upon which the formulas used in Zhang Zhongjing’s Shanghan Zabing Lun were based. Though a lost work, the early 20th century retrieval of a work by Tao Hongjing, titled Secret Key to the Essential Methods for the Application of Herbs for Viscera and Bowels, has allowed us to again study the most important Tangye Jing formulas and directly observe their connection with the Shanghan system. The seminar will give a detailed overview of the historical situation and importance of the Tangye Jing as well as instruct in the pathologies indicated for the use of the formulas recorded. The seminar will elucidate the architecture of the Tangye Jing formulas, and their relationship with Zhang Zhongjing’s formulas and elaborate on the modification system presented in the Tangye Jing as a guide for advanced modifications of Zhang Zhongjing’s formulas.

Dr. Tian Heming Modification System

This seminar presents a biographical introduction to Dr. Tian and the structure of the lineage from the perspective of each lineage holder. And the bulk of the seminar will then be spent on the instruction of Dr. Tian’s modification system for Zhang Zhongjing formulas, as well as his use of a select group of non-Zhang Zhongjing formulas. The Tian modification system is Dr. Tian’s own clinical experience developed over the decades upon decades in practice. This is a purely clinical modification system as per the hierarchy of clinical modification of canonical formulas. As such, this seminar should only be taken after completion and mastery of the basic Canonical Formula Modification seminar.


ICEAM Programs

ICEAM programs were developed to provide clinicians with the rare opportunity to access the classics, or canons, that form the foundation of East Asian medicine.

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Upon successful completion of a seminar, students receive a certificate of continuing education or professional development credits.

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