Dr. Tian Heming

tian heming

Tian Heming 田鶴鳴, was born in 1883 in the town of Jianyang 簡陽in Sichuan province, China. His birth name was Tian Qishang 田啟上, but he later adopted his older brother’s clinical moniker and started practicing under the studio name Tian Bawei 田八味, or Eight Ingredient Tian. He practiced medicine professionally in Chengdu nearby the Qingyang Temple in the area known as Xiejia Chi 謝家祠. He died peacefully at his home in Chengdu in 1980, enjoying the age of 97 years, during which he practiced medicine for over 70 years. He is the patriarch of the Tian Lineage.

His brother Tian Qitai田啟泰, moved around the end of Qing dynasty, near the beginning of the Republic of China, from Jianyang to Chengdu, where he was a Confucian scholar-physician. He treated disease exclusively with Shanghan formulas. Tian Heming inherited his skill, and excelled and improved it, treating any and all condition with only Zhang Zhongjing formulas. Dr. Tian would see up to 300 patients every day and worked tirelessly through China’s tumult. The Tian family style of Chinese medicine is especially known for its advanced and intricate system of pulse diagnosis for canonical formulas.

Dr. Tian Heming trained many great physicians, most notably Dr. Zeng Bihui 曾碧輝, the elder sister of our late master, former honorary director of ICEAM, and important Tian lineage holder, Dr. Zeng Rongxiu曾榮修. Other Tian disciples and lineage holders include Dr. Tian’s daughter, Tian Yuxia田玉俠, the late Dr. Zheng Guanglu鄭廣露, and Dr. Tian’s sole surviving disciple Dr. Huang Xuan黃旋.