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The Institute of Classics in East Asian Medicine is an international organization to promote the education, research and clinical application of the classical writings of East Asian medicine. The institute offers post-graduate continuing education programs for East Asian medicine professionals through its branch institutes in both the USA, Europe and Australia.

The institute is founded and directed by Dr. Arnaud Versluys, one of the very few Westerners to have received his full medical education in China where he trained for a total of twelve years to doctoral level with specialization in canonical formulas. He also trained in traditional discipleship for many years under the tutelage of acclaimed Shanghan expert, Dr. Zeng Rongxiu. Dr. Versluys founded the institute to promote the study and practice of the classics, improve clinical efficacy and preserve the original identity of East Asian medicine.

The organization has three branches in North America: Portland, OR, Chicago, IL and San Diego, CA; and four branches in Europe: London, UK, Frankfurt, Germany, Zurich, Switzerland and Stockholm, Sweden. Ā There is one branch in Melbourne, Australia. Courses are also offered ad hoc in cities such as New York, Seattle, etc, and in countries such as the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and France. Instructors of ICEAM also present at Chinese medicine conferences worldwide such as the Rothenburg TCM Conference in Germany, The Southwest Oriental Medicine Symposium in Austin, TX, the Pacific Symposium in San Diego, CA and the Canadian Oriental Medicine Symposium in Vancouver BC, Canada.

ICEAM offers a unique training system in Canonical Chinese Medicineā„¢ which consists of two basic training sequences, one in Shanghan Lun and one in Jingui Yaolue. Completion of the full training leads to certification as Diplomate in Canonical Chinese Medicine. After certification, further clinical training can be pursued for clinical certification as well as two advanced training sequences are available for certified practitioners. For more info please visit the Programs page.